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Masrin Erowan – Fariz Shafruddin 2043

(Round 2) Bank Pertanian Malay Open  Kuala Lumpur 2004

White to move after 40…Qxe3?

  1. Kamino says:

    41. Rxh6+! Kxh6 42. Qh4+ Kg6 43. Qg5+! (push the King along the white diagonal ..Kf7 or ..Kg7 so the Bishop can activate on Bc4+)

  2. Kamino says:

    correction Kg8

  3. Masih blum ada variasi yg jelas diberikan… Teruskan mencuba.. 😉

  4. Nicholas Jinidu says:

    White should deliver 41. Rxh6 to make the black King exposed where black has to reply with 41…KxRh6 … Here, white needs to pressure up the exposed black King by 42.Qh4
    …thus leaving the Black King with 42 …Kg6 to run ….

  5. Nicholas Jinidu says:

    After black 42..Kg6, white must constantly pressure up by doing 43. Qg5 … Doing that will leave black either Kf7 or Kh7 … If black decides 43..Kf7, white must reply with Bc4+, here white has got an extra hand to trap the black King…leaving the Black king nowhere to run except Kf8 or Ke8

    • Nicholas Jinidu says:

      Correction on my post at December 8, 2010 at 4.37pm

      After black 42..Kg6, white has two options of checking. The first possible move for white is 43.Qf6+, leaving the black King to choose the white squares of either 43..Kh7 or Kh5. Both movement by black King will be reply by another check in 45. Qxf5 .. Here, black has no more room for errors. Black must remember to keep his King at safe hands, he must make sure white queen must not occupy the critical h5 square where black must choose to move back to 45..Kh6.. With both black and white lacking materials support (Black’s rook only serves as blockade and guarding g-file, avoiding white queen movement to g-file) and this game will be drawn by repetition. Good enough for white I think ^^

  6. Nicholas Jinidu says:

    But, if black decides to ignore the threat of the critical h5 square, thus at 43..Kh7 44.Qxf5 and black makes a move by 45..Kh8??, white can put a new option of checking by 46. Qh5+. Here, black has no good choice since black King movement is space limited to a move to 46..Kg8 or a block by rook and threatening the white queen at Rh7. Although threatening the queen seems like a nice move, it is actually a “death trap” for black where white ends up winning by a 3 mate move by 47. Qe8+, leaving no choice for black King except 47..Kf7. White continues checking at 48. Qe7+, leaving two options for black at either back to 48..Kh8 or 48..Kh6. White checkmates black at 49. Qf8++ or either 49. Qg5++ … A blunder from black ignoring the importance of g-file and space.

  7. Nicholas Jinidu says:

    How about if black decides on move 46 to go directly Kg8? Then, white has another new option by 47. Bc4+, leaving black King to move to 47..Kf8. White will go berserk by 48. Qh8+, forking both black King and Rook, leaving black with a limited space to 48.. Ke7. 49. White checks again at 49. QxRg7 .. leaving black King absolutely defenseless and far from black Queen and black Bishop reinforcement. Here, white should have an easy game of winning with constantly checking and trapping by both White’s Queen and Bishop.. An absolute turn around of event for white! ^^

  8. Nicholas Jinidu says:

    After 49. QxRg7, black must avoid at all cost playing into white square to avoid an earlier mate which will give white bishop jump into the “killing zone” as early as possible. However, the white queen can “force” the black King to a white square. where 49..Kd8 50. Qf6+/Qf8+ 50..Kc7 51. Qd6+ and here .. we can see that black King is forced to 51..Kb7/Kc8 into a white square … If 51..Kc8, then white mates with 52. Ba6++. But, if black decides to 51..Kb7, then white can still attack by 52. Bd5+, forcing black to go 52..Ka7 …then here, white can check with 53. Qc7+ ..Ka6 54. Bc4++ … ^^

  9. bustaman says:

    i)….Kg8. 2. Bc4ch…..Kf8. 3. Rh8ch….Ke7.4. Qh4ch….Kd7.5. Qd8ch…Kc6.6. Kd6ch…..Kb7. 7. Rb8ch…Ka7. 8.Qb6 mate. Panjangnya. nampak senang je. itu kalu King tak makan Rook. Kalau makan pamjang lagi nak taip ni.

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